MKs, watching you, "Social Police" at the Knesset

Omri Ephraim, Ynet , 30 October 2011

 The protest tent set up in the Rose Garden the "social guard tent", which was established to monitor the work of legislators and make sure they serve the public interest. "We concluded that we should be where our fate is decided", explained the initiators

According to organizers of the initiative, the tent will remain in place during the next session to see the work of the Knesset committees and inform the public about the activities MKs.
Estee Segal, one of the activists, said that the encampment was established by activists manning the protest encampments in recent months. "I do not know what everyone's political views, but they all gathered around the same goal. The intention is that the people involved, it kind of start – up, since we opened the site to turn to us every day new people."

"Phase Two of the protest"
"After the summer and after we learned some economics", adding staff, "we realized that the way we live is cut in the Knesset, and we concluded that we should be where our fate is decided. Democracy and the introduction is very important to us and we'll be on committees and the plenum to ensure that the work is done and to keep members of the Knesset."
Staff and friends, it seemed, had learned in depth the work of the legislature. She says, "lobbyists,
Multitude of bills and improper interests make it difficult for members of the Knesset. "The group has established a Web site where you can find the schedule and the committees of the Knesset." The public can see what a subject close to his heart and we'll arrange the entrance to the Knesset ", said active.

According to Nissim Og'r, another activist group, he and his goal is to demonstrate the presence and determine whether MKs are working for the people. "I want to know MK sent – also public works in the interests of that public," he said. He said, "This is Phase II of the protest, which take care of canceling the Arrangements Law, the enactment of the Basic Law on social rights and change the budget in 2012. All out of respect for the work of the Knesset."

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