Social Guard raided the parliament – and returned with disturbing conclusions

Social Guard raided the parliament – and returned with disturbing conclusions

by Occupy Israel on Monday, November 14, 2011 at 11:53am

The Movement was organized on Facebook to ensure that the public will be represent in Parliament, When penetrated the parliament they were exposed  to Discussions which only lead to more discussion and hasty voting on critical issues

Aviv Sela, a sociology and journalism at the University of Tel Aviv, reported to a meeting of the Finance Committee of the Knesset (parliament) two weeks ago and did not believe his eyes. The meeting, which dealt with budgetary transfers between government agencies, "was like a production line," wrote Sela, (24 years old) in the Facebook page of social Guard – a protest which had assembled in the wake of of social protest, to maintain public interest in the Knesset.

"Every time announced other changes; representative of a particular Ministry presented in two sentences the change needed, and then afterword was a quick vote, ended a sweeping approval", added Sela "in the past, when I read the papers on voting automated which take place in the Finance Committee, for example of the budget and arrangements, as many members of the Knesset do not read or understand what they were voting – I did not realize how serious thing are ", some of his impressions the meeting

"As a spectator, the Commission made it impossible to get the booklet with details of budget transfers. Therefore, it was hard to keep track of the many transfers, the committee discussed very quickly. "

Conclusion of Sela from the events in the Finance Committee: "This is a difficult phenomenon . Knesset is the ivory tower, MKs do it as they pleased, and the public does not know what happens"

"so the protest will not be over"

This reason prompted Sela to join the Social Watch established by Lia Nirgad and Dr. Daniel Dor, its start organizing on Facebook after the outbreak of social protest last summer. Nirgad teaches literal translation and serves as head of the program for translation at Beit Berl College, and Dor a lecturer in communications at Tel Aviv

According to Nirgad, "We sat and we thought we should do something so the protest will not be over the summer, but rather a step in the winter, and the protest had to go through the tents to the Knesset building. Therefore, we decided to take out a public appeal:" The winter will not be leave the Parliament'. We started a group on Facebook and from there everything started rolling. we did a meeting and another meeting, we set up a tent in the Rose Garden, in front of the Knesset, and we flood the Knesset "

Tent set up by the social Watch activists having discussions and activities, and invite public to reach into the depths of the Knesset, to be present in meetings of the various committees and the general assembly, and report it. Nirgad and others who fund from their own pockets the activity – phone calls, running the tent, and so on – and seek to raise funds from the public. "we had a Logistical challenge to set up the tent and to be present in the Knesset, and activists are working like crazy to the success of the struggle," says Nirgad.

Sela was not alone in the Knesset – the social Guard activists in recent weeks followed another 44 meetings of committees of Knesset, of which 29 last week. Who came to the meeting, then reports on his impressions on Facebook.

"I hope that after social protest erupted in the summer, members of the Knesset come to their senses and realize that the public looks at them, and primaries next MKs be elected by their actions", adding Sela, and in the same breath say: "Maybe I'm optimistic, but I hope one day this will change, will be more Knesset discussions transparency ".

Hannah Kim, a former political reporter, know for years the Knesset and is now a social activist, responded to the Facebook page: "This is a fresh example of superficial and lack of seriousness with which changes are made to the state budget"

"The country slipped from liability"

Another activist the Social Watch the social, Nissim Og'r, 55, a lawyer and professor of law institutes financial, attendance on, Labor and Welfare enforcement against employers of contract workers, and wondered why the state does not apply to itself conditions it requires from The private employers hire agencies .

Og'r believes that "our presence in the corridors of the parliamentand the committees and the Assembly discussions influences. MKs recognize us, they differentiate between us and the lobbyists. We are on a long distance race. We will tell the public what really happens in the Knesset, and the voters will decide who's good and who is not good ".

"Do not give answers"

Estee Segal, Art Director at an advertising agency, based in Tel Aviv and one of the main activists of the social guard, summarizes the period in which raided the activists on the the Parlamint: "In all the discussions, we found that the method of administration is problematic, because it does not work for the citizen. On the one hand, the government got bigger , with 39 ministers and deputy ministers, the Knesset, 81 MKs remained active. Them MKs members in three – four committees. They running between committees, do not always know what they were voting.on. the coalition pressure on them and instructs them to vote for positions even if it is contrary to their position. "

Furthermore, Segal reveals, "government officials sometimes throw the responsibility on each other and not give answers. We will continue to be in the Knesset so the public will know what happens there."

Translated from Hebrew:

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