Weekly Knesset Update: Farewell, the Nineteenth Knesset

Weekly Knesset Update: Farewell, the Nineteenth Knesset

The Social Guard’s Knesset Update for the week of November 30th, 2014: a weekly summary of what’s on the Knesset’s socio-economic agenda brought to you by the Social Guard in the Knesset, the Israeli public’s voice for transparency, democracy, and social justice.

Knesset votes to dissolve itself, Elections to be held March 17th – after increasing infighting and instability within the governing coalition and disagreements over the proposed nationality law, the Prime Minister chose to dissolve the government and call for early elections, which are scheduled to take place March 17th.

In its final days, Knesset moves to transfer 3.75 billion Shekels to defense budget – the 3.75 billion shekels include 810 million that were intended for public transportation, 340 million shekels from pensions, and money from the education, welfare, and environmental protection department budgets.

After a Marathon Week of Debates, Knesset Moves to Enact 3rd Version of "Infiltration Law" – after the first two versions of the law were overturned by the Supreme Court, the Knesset again is moving toward passing a new version of the "infiltration law" aimed at penalizing employers of asylum seekers and refugees and reintroducing time in the Holot detention center for those who entered the country illegally.

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