Why We're Needed

Israeli citizens have discovered that regardless of political views, they all share a grim reality:

    • Our democratic system is being corroded by different groups and interests, which use the Knesset as part of an overall campaign to curtail civic rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and so forth.
    • The government is leading an ongoing campaign to curtail the powers of the legislative and judiciary branches
    • Our government has systematically divested itself of many of its traditional responsibilities, such as health care, education and welfare. Many services have been privatized, and even those who support this policy find that it has been carried out in harmful ways. Education is on a steady decline, our spectacular public health care system is collapsing, welfare projects are severely under-funded.
    • All of these issues seem to be unaccountable, since elections are national, and there is no direct mechanism which enables voters to keep in touch with their representatives.

Jerusalem Post: Knesset committee public protocols lack key voting information

Active involvement and influence on behalf of citizens in government branches, and in the Knesset specifically, can repair the damage caused by years of irresponsible parliamentary behavior on the part of many representatives.

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