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Weekly Knesset Update: The Fight on Poverty and The Budget

The Social Guard’s Knesset Update for the week of November 14th, 2014: a weekly summary of what’s on the Knesset’s socio-economic agenda brought to you by the Social Guard in the Knesset, the Israeli public’s voice for transparency, democracy, and social justice. Poverty Day at the Knesset – on Wednesday, the Social Guard came together with a variety of civil ... [קרא עוד]

About Us

The Social Guard (Hamishmar Haxevrati) is a new initiative, launched following the social and civic awakening of the Summer of 2011. Our mission is to maintain a constant civic presence in the Parliament (Knesset), monitor the MK's work, and inform the public about each and every discussion bearing on social justic and civic equality inIsrael.  It is our mission, to ... [קרא עוד]

The Social Guard

איתן כבל מקבל את אות המשמר החברתי

Beyond its ongoing monitoring mission, the Social Guard is currently committed to two speical projects. 1. The Ministerial Legislation Committee Campaign The MLC convenes every Sunday, and decides which private bills about to be presented in Parliament should be supported by the government. In fact, it is a form of executive stranglehold on the legislative branch, since most proposals which ... [קרא עוד]

The essence of the movement “Occupy Israel”… discussed in Vienna 6.12.2012 Daniel Dor was invited in Vienna on 6 December at theBruno Kreisky Forum for international dialog. He works at the Department of Communication of the Tel Aviv University and plays a major role in the protest movement “Occupy Israel” that started in July 2011. His fascinating speech took place in a series “Democracy Reloaded” conceived by Isolde Charim. She mentioned ... [קרא עוד]

MKs, watching you, "Social Police" at the Knesset

Omri Ephraim, Ynet , 30 October 2011  The protest tent set up in the Rose Garden the "social guard tent", which was established to monitor the work of legislators and make sure they serve the public interest. "We concluded that we should be where our fate is decided", explained the initiators According to organizers of the initiative, the tent will ... [קרא עוד]

Social Guard raided the parliament – and returned with disturbing conclusions

by Occupy Israel on Monday, November 14, 2011 at 11:53am The Movement was organized on Facebook to ensure that the public will be represent in Parliament, When penetrated the parliament they were exposed  to Discussions which only lead to more discussion and hasty voting on critical issues Aviv Sela, a sociology and journalism at the University of Tel Aviv, reported to a ... [קרא עוד]

If you can't beat ’em, join ’em. Then beat ’em / Trying to tame the beast from within

Can the opposition change the nature of a political movement – by joining it? Some Likud party vets welcome the activists but political scientists say the method, although kosher, is unethical. By Asher Schecter and Adi Hagin           THEMARKER haaretz  26.1.2012 The folks in the bar at Kikar Dizengoff on a recent rainy evening hadn't come to warm up with a shot of ... [קרא עוד]

Mofaz's dilemma: Security or society

New chairman of Kadima, Shaul Mofaz, said he would head the social protest this summer. Yet some think his economic-social statements are hollow. Support for this opinion comes from a group calling itself The Social Guard Newly crowned chairman Shaul Mofaz's resounding victory in the Kadima primary on Tuesday leaves no room for doubt about what is happening in the party. But the ... [קרא עוד]

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